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    Photography Sven von Schlachta
    Landscape | travel photography | Sports- & Actionsports-photography | reports | people | animals | creative photography

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    Sports & actionsports photography

    Sport- / Actionsport-Fotografie
    I am focusing on many outdoor sports activities, specialized on downhill skate (Longboard / Streetluge and other wheelbased downhill activities like inline skating). Also other actions like motorsports are always in my field of vision. Explore here my LONGBOARD DOWNHILL galleries:

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    About me

    Sven von Schlachta

    I was born in Bonn/Germany and started as a photographer in 1984. I learned my handicraft through self-instruction in diverse situations including landscape, travel photography, reports, sports, people and by available light photographs in stage shows. In the beginning I started with (analog) film photography and switched in 2000 to digital equipment. Based on this new technology I developed a new way of creative photography.

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    Get in touch



    Sven von Schlachta

    Munich | Germany

    If you are interested in a collaboration or if you like to book me for a photo-project, just write me an e-mail. So we can find a solution together.


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    Sven Old Rrailway in Boliva
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